"Entry Point North's philosophy, that every student is trainable, aligns with my own philosophy and values."

Working as a Training Specialist in Malmö

Your first encounter with Entry Point North was as a student yourself. Tell us about that.

I've had the opportunity to study at different institutions, academies and university and all have been great. When I was a student at Entry Point North, I immediately felt at home. I got an early insight in the training philosophy and understood the importance of HOW students are being trained and approached to perform their best. Entry Point North's philosophy, that every student is trainable, aligns with my own philosophy and values.

You are now on the other side, working with students as a Training Specialist. What is a typical day like for you?

You can say it is like leading a unit of people. As a Training Specialist, you may also work as a Course Supervisor, meaning you manage and supervise the course, organize the schedule and monitor the progress of the students. You collaborate closely with other Entry Point North departments about everything connected to the course, such as giving input on teaching material or adjusting the schedule. And, most importantly, you give course lectures and make sure your students have the tools needed to succeed in the training. It is a very dynamic environment and not one day is like the other.

What do you find most challenging about working as a Training Specialist, and most rewarding?

Most challenging is that, in these days, different things can happen and affect the schedule, the time plan, and in the end the customer's deadline. Your job is to solve it, so being flexible and solution-oriented is key. It can also be challenging to keep students motivated and positive while struggling with performance or something personal. 

The reward is the other side of the coin. When you work closely with a student and support them in the learning process, and in the end it turns out successful. That is my inner motivation, seeing my students thrive.

How would you describe the culture at Entry Point North?

I would say it is diversity at its best. Everyone is thoughtful and ready to help, even if it is not their task or main area of responsibility. People here are treated with respect and their opinions matter.

How do you practice our core values in your role?

I would say that moving to a new country like Sweden with my family from Croatia to start this job, was about being BRAVE. I was in a place where I had reached almost all my professional goals in Croatia and it was the right time to do something new. So by being RESPONSIBLE and taking command of that situation, I also had to be BRAVE. This was important for me when I applied for this job, that in order to teach the values to our students, it needs to come from a place of authenticity for myself.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working as a Training Specialist?

Spending time with my family, exploring playgrounds, climbing trees with my kids, and biking around Malmö.

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