"What makes me get up in the morning for work, is knowing that together with many dedicated and very nice people, we will work hard to make our clients happy."

Working as a Client Manager in Malmö

You started in Entry Point North's early days in 2008. Tell us about your career journey throughout these years.

When I joined, it was initially in a specialist role for an ATM-system called COOPANS. Within a few months, I moved into the commercial department first as a Client Coordinator and gradually I became a Client Manager, where the focus was to seek new clients and business opportunities as well as working closely together with current clients. Now, I am responsible for the Air Navigation Service Providers in Sweden and Denmark.

What are your main responsibilities as a Client Manager?

As a Client Manager, your number one focus is to keep your clients happy. And, of course, offer the services and products they need. After a deal has been made, I work closely with our other departments such as Development & Training in making sure we can deliver what was promised. 

What do you find the most challenging in your role as a Client Manager, and most rewarding?

Most challenging is to make sure we all strive towards the same outcome and goal when delivering to a client. To coordinate internally and ensure we are working in the same direction. The most rewarding is of course when we succeed in that - when we receive feedback from the client, and internally within the company, that we did a good job.

What surprised you when you started at Entry Point North?

I never thought I would work in Sales as a Client Manager, but I found that my background as an operational Air Traffic Controller is beneficial when meeting with clients. We speak the same language and I can easily understand their operational struggles and needs.

What are you most proud of during your time as a Client Manager? 

I will always remember my first win. It was a Refresher training for a country in the Balkans.

Apart from that, I am very proud of being part of the journey Entry Point North has done since the start. When I joined, we had clients in three countries and today our clients come from 51 different countries.

You have been here for many years now. What do you enjoy most about working at Entry Point North?

What makes me get up in the morning for work, is knowing that together with many dedicated and very nice people, we will work hard to make our clients happy. The people working at Entry Point North are the absolute biggest reason for me to be here. And the very international climate with many different nationalities and languages is also very appealing.

Tell us something your colleagues might not know about you.

My goal for life is to be at least 100 years old and to visit all European Formula One tracks during a race within the next five years.

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