"As a Simulator Specialist, I get to have the mix of both IT-related tasks as well as having to be creative in developing exercises, which was really what I was looking for."

Working as a Simulator Specialist in Dublin

Why did you decide to join Entry Point North?

When I read the job ad it seemed amazing and a bit too good to be true. As a Simulator Specialist, I get to have the mix of both IT-related tasks as well as having to be creative in developing exercises, which was really what I was looking for.

Tell us about what you do as a Simulator Specialist.

I support instructors and students in making sure our simulator exercises are working efficiently. I prepare, organise and load all exercises and make sure the screens are displaying what they should. I add and adjust new flight plans when needed. I do some hardware troubleshooting as well. In Dublin, we have both a 360 degree simulator and a radar simulator.

How would you describe the culture at Entry Point North?

It’s friendly. Everyone is willing to help. You can go to the next room and discuss with a colleague or you can reach out to the colleagues in Sweden. We keep in touch with the other sites as well. Just the other day we had a call with Brussels to get their input on a problem.

OPEN MINDED is the core value I can relate the most to. I would say we have an open minded approach in the office and have brainstorming sessions continuously. Everyone contributes with different ideas and our team leader Chris allows us to try our ideas and contribute with improvements.

Can you think of any achievement during your time with Entry Point North that you are specifically proud of?

A second runway is being built at Dublin Airport, and as a result I am at the moment part of an exciting project together with our client to make sure our simulator and exercises represent that reality. It is rewarding to work closely with the client and find solutions together.

What is it like working at the Dublin site?

It's a very relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy that I am coming to work happy in the morning and going home happy in the afternoon.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I play a lot of simulator and computer games such as flight- and train-simulator, and so on.

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