"As a Simulator Pilot, I play the virtual counterpart of a real-life pilot."

Working as a Simulator Pilot in Copenhagen

What do you do as a Simulator Pilot?

We help train Air Traffic Controllers. As a Simulator Pilot, I play the virtual counterpart a real-life pilot. Our job is to, on the radar and frequency, create the most accurate situations from a pilot perspective. Much of the training is to prepare the students for abnormal situations such as emergencies.

You have a different background from most of your other colleagues, tell us about that.

Most of my Simulator Pilot colleagues are licensed pilots. My background is from the virtual aviation side. I have done a lot of flight simulating on my computer and been part of online networks. I learned the aviation phraseology through gaming and self-studying. I think my background was helpful when I joined Entry Point North and started to train for this role, since I was already used to sitting in front of a desktop and talking to Air Traffic Controllers, although it was virtual.

How would you describe the EPN culture?

There is a feeling of togetherness, although we do not see our colleagues at the other sites very often. This feeling is brought from all levels in the organization. The other day, our CEO Anne Katrine visited in Copenhagen and we had a good talk. We also feel welcomed and part of the nearby office in Malmö whenever we visit.

How do you relate to our core values in your daily job?

We talk especially about being BRAVE in our group. We are encouraged to say yes to challenges and to not shy away from it. 

We also talk about being RESPONSIBLE. Us full-time Simulator Pilots help our part-timers settle into the role, but it is equally important to keep up-to-date with regulations and local rules in order for us to deliver our product - Simulator Service.

Tell us about your career journey so far with EPN.

I started as a part-time Simulator Pilot and was eventually offered a full-time position. In the beginning I remembered thinking; "Am I getting paid to do this"?

In our group, me and a colleague have extra responsibility to keep up-to-date with everything going on with Copenhagen Airport, which I enjoy.

What is it like working at the Copenhagen site?

We share facilities with our client Naviair and feel part of their culture too. We get to contribute and be creative with simulator exercises that we think benefits the students. That is really rewarding.

We are a small, tight-knit group of Simulator Pilots and this is the best team I have been part of at a workplace. Everyone is professional and kind-hearted.

Tell us something your colleagues might not know about you.

I don't think many people know I am a passionate piano player. It is silent therapy for me and I do it to relax.

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